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Strategic Planning

Positioning the Application

The ideal college application needs to tell a story and to give the reader a compelling and unique narrative.  Instead, what admissions officers often encounter is an unclear portrayal of contradicting information.  As part of the strategic planning, we provide a complete analysis of the applicant’s academic, athletic and extracurricular profile, appropriate potential schools of choice, and the various strengths and weaknesses of the applicant.  We then advise on “positioning” of the application in order to make sure that each stands out from the crowd.

It is important to understand that colleges are not looking for the most well-rounded students, but rather the most well-rounded class of inspired young thinkers. Admissions decisions are based upon your child’s ability to make a unique contribution to the collective diversity of each freshman class.

The majority of the applicants to selective colleges are academically qualified to be admitted. The decision on who will be admitted is made by assessing, and ultimately determining how each potential candidate will contribute to the dimension of scholarly dialogue in the classroom and the vibrancy among the students on the campus.

Academic Considerations:

1.    Course Rigor Secondary School Record
2.    Academic GPA
3.    Class Rank/Decile
4.    Standardized Tests Scores (ACT/SAT)
5.    Personal Statement
6.    Recommendations/Endorsements

Non-Academic Considerations:

1.    Interview
2.    Extracurricular Activities
3.    Talent/Ability
4.    Geographic Residence
5.    Racial/EStatus
6.    Character/Personal Qualities
7.    First Generation 
8.    Legacy/Alumni Relation
9.    (State) Residency
10.   “Demonstrated Interest”
11.   Religious Affiliations/Commitments
12.   Work/Volunteer Experience


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