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Throughout our lives and careers, we have seen, time and again, that making informed decisions about higher education that are uniquely personalized opens doors and grows emerging adults who can effectively change the world. In realizing how much our own educational experiences led to our successes, we strive to help students along similar paths. Our approach to college counseling and athletic recruitment emphasizes independence and leadership, creative thinking, and self-reflection—all values that unite our team and drive our approach.

Jennifer Giordano

Co-Founder & Educational Director

Dr. Jennifer Giordano

Dr. Jennifer Giordano is the co-founder and Educational Director of The Ascension Group, LLC, working collaboratively with students and their families to provide individualized guidance and counseling throughout the college planning process.


Dr. Jennifer Giordano is also a nationally board certified and licensed professional counselor who specializes in deconstructing the stressors of the college admissions process.  She believes that the voice of the student is at the center of the process and her goal is to facilitate an experience that will support the student and their family to explore post-secondary opportunities in a healthy, happy and realistic way.

Dr. Giordano has extensive experience in the “college search” and admissions process, as a Director of Guidance and Counseling Services for more than

15 years, working with educators to successfully support thousands of students and their families through the application process and ultimately to their ideal choice of college/university.

Dr. Giordano is a graduate of Vanderbilt University where she earned Bachelor degrees in English Literature and Spanish Language. She also received a Master’s degree in Developmental Counseling from Vanderbilt University and earned a distinguished Doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Educational Leadership. She is a professional member of National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and NJACAC. During her 20 year career in education, she has visited over 250 colleges and universities across the country, met over 1000 college representatives, and established strong and ongoing relationships with admissions personnel, while remaining current with the ever-evolving climate of college admissions.

Co-Founder & Athletic Director

John Power

(Coach) John Power is the co-founder and Athletic Director of The Ascension Group, LLC; working collaboratively with students and their families to provide individualized support and counseling throughout the college planning & recruitment process. Coach Power is a nationally recognized recruiting coordinator at the collegiate level.  The well-being of student-athletes and their future pursuits has always been at the forefront of Coach Power’s recruiting philosophy.


Through his role as Athletic Director of The Ascension Group, he continues to focus on the “whole” student-athlete’s experience, ensuring that their ultimate placement reflects their current wants and needs, as well as their future life goals. 

John Power

Coach Power has extensive experience in the college recruiting process. As a Head Football Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for more than 20 years, he has been on both sides of the process. The former Georgia Bulldogs’ quarterback honed his craft as a Graduate Assistant and Program Coordinator at The University of Georgia, then went on to further his expertise as the Penn State University football program’s Recruiting Coordinator. Whether he is coordinating college commitments or working with athletes who have taken their talents to the professional level, Coach Power is a vital and honest voice in the conversation. His dynamic career as an athlete, coach, and college recruiter has provided hundreds of athletes and their families invaluable insight, direction and comfort as they pursue collegiate sports and determine the paths they will take to optimize their talents.


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