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Team-Based Admissions Advice

In an industry of independent consultants and overtly freestanding sole practitioners, Jennifer Giordano and John Power set out to create a distinctive model of delivering educational consultation through The Ascension Group. As a team of well seasoned educators, our group thrives on collaboration and the ongoing pursuit of professional development. These two cornerstones of best practices in education harness the power of our collective insight and expertise in the service of you and your family. In an age when everything you want and need to know about college admissions can be found online, we use the power of human relationships, regular contact, and ongoing dialogue to help you discover and realize your unique educational goals for your child.

Our process of educational planning is a highly personalized one. We begin by developing a strong understanding of your family’s values and child’s strengths, interests, needs, and ultimate goals. No matter the age, objectives, or athletic aspirations of your child, we have one interest: the long-term success and happiness of each student and family.


We believe that the college process, when done right, is one of meaningful, even exciting and inspiring, exploration. Given that middle and high school students naturally exist in a developmental phase of self-discovery, embracing the college process to help optimize that self-discovery is our team’s expertise and reward. With decades of experience in the field, we are positioned to guide your child through the many logistical challenges that come with an increasingly complicated college search, athletic recruitment, and application process.

Our focus on collaboration and partnership brings students and their families into our supportive corral, where our student-centered and developmental approach to post-secondary planning means:

  • Parents experience the comfort of knowing that we have been where they are personally and we bring the collective wisdom of years of college planning, coaching and athletic recruitment to all of our work

  • Students quickly identify the caring, holistic approach we provide

We Create Individualized Plans


Give us a call at 267.253.5904 or 908.803.1621 and leave a message. We'll contact you.

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