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Individual Consultation Services

Individual consultations are meant to address specific questions and needs that you have with regard to preparation for high school course programming, pre-college college planning,  the college admissions process, essay (personal statement) development, and athletic recruitment coordination.  A lot can be accomplished in a session, but certainly not everything.


Packages are available as well.

The following represents a sampling of our consultation (session) services:

  • How to research schools

  • Realistic assessment of goals and schools

  • Finding the best fit between the student and the college/university

  • Application strategies

  • Developing an initial college list

  • Preparing the college essay

  • Planning your college campus visits

  • College interview prep

  • Scholarships and financing a college education

  • Developing an effective highlight film

  • Making good choices in training and camps to prepare for high school and college athletics

Freshman Year Consult

  • Advice on appropriate high school course selection

  • Suggestions for working effectively with the high school guidance counselor/office

  • Help on setting priorities (i.e. which is most important: grades, test scores, or activities?)

  • Assessment of extracurricular activities and ways to make the most of them

  • Summer programs, internships, employment, and other non-school opportunities

  • Discuss the latest trends/issues in college admission and how they affect college planning

  • Identification of factors specific to the student that will shape the final list of colleges


High School Juniors and First Semester Seniors Consult:

  • Setting a college planning timetable

  • Explaining college visit timing and purposes

  • Reviewing finances and financial aid considerations

  • Evaluating the pros and cons of early decision/early action

  • Determining the factors essential to choosing a college

  • Exploring the connection between college choice and career path

  • Discussing how college essays should be written and how they are read by admissions officers

  • Addressing concerns specific to the individual student and family

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and to schedule an appointment. 


Give us a call at

267.253.5904 or 908.803.1621 and leave a message.

We'll contact you.

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